Physical Activity

Rangatahi Tu Rangatira (R2R)

Rangatahi Tu Rangatira is a nationally run programme that looks at ways to support rangatahi (13-24 years) to take ownership of their health. This programme encourages rangatahi to increase their participation in physical activity and also raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition.

Rangatahi Tu Rangatira incorporates the use of taonga takaro/traditional Māori games not only as a form of physical activity but also as an avenue to educate rangatahi about different aspects of Māori culture and tikanga. For more information about Rangatahi Tu Rangatira click here:

Here at Whaiora we also develop youth-focused physical activities such as exercise, health and holiday programmes. Our team works closely with Wairarapa schools to break down barriers that deter rangatahi from participating in physical activity. We aim to facilitate or provide support to our Wairarapa community around taonga takaro/traditional Māori games. We also work collectively with other Wairarapa youth services to assist our rangatahi to improve their overall wellbeing. 

For programmes and promotions that are happening throughout the year please contact our health promotion kaimahi, Katarina on 06 370 0818 ext. 837.